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    An on-demand car service designed for you. An Easy, Predictable and Prepaid Ride.

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    Currently serving College Station, Texas. Coming soon to college towns statewide including Waco, San Marcos and Austin. Expanding shortly across the southeast!

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    uRide also charters private rides for out of town trips

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uRide: When you need to be there, here you go

College is expensive enough without also maintaining a vehicle just to get from place A to place B. According to AAA's "2014 Your Driving Costs report", the average MONTHLY cost of car ownership is $739!—yet, when you're in college, most of the time your car will sit idle or be parked in a massive parking lot far from the actual classroom. Or be loaned to a friend.

So why drive when your ride is as close as your phone and already paid?

With just three taps on the app, our uRide professional driver is on the way to pick you up in a sleek new Toyota Prius V hybrid. Watch its approach on your phone’s screen in real time. Confirm your identity and the driver can subtract your fare from your prepaid account. And you’re on your way. No more worries about parking. Or directions. Or gassing up. Or DUIs.

Finally, something parents won’t mind paying for.


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For local rides, please use our apps
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Need to go a little farther?

If you’re in need of more than a quick lift in town, uRide lets you pre-schedule rides out of the local area to select cities within a few hundred miles.

To use this service, just fill out the form below and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

For local rides, please use our apps
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